Baby Onesie as a Shower Gift for Newborns

Baby Onesie as Shower Gift for Newborns

New parents and new babies have a lot of adjusting to do.  First time parents often feel overwhelmed with the huge changes a newborn brings to their lives.  Of course, babies have massive changes to adjust to as well, so simple clothing choices are the favorite gift to help parents and babies get comfortable quickly.

Unless a baby is born prematurely, the 0-3 months clothing size can’t be used for very long. Babies grow quickly in their first year of life.  It’s best to purchase at least 3-6 month sizes and make certain to wash everything before the first wearing.  Sizing and other chemicals are often used in newly purchased clothing.  These can be a direct cause of allergies and even skin rashes.

Onesies have been available for decades.  In the past, they were usually a plain color and might have been made of synthetic fabrics.  These days, 100% cotton is the fabric of choice.  Also, the newest craze is to purchase these with colorful, clever designs to make us laugh or match parents’ favorite hobbies, activities or sports teams.  There are probably thousands of charming, meaningful designs available for sale today.

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