Funny Baby Onesies Make Great Baby Gifts


Receiving colorful and funny baby onesies for shower gifts is a treat for new parents.

So, messages for boys, girls and gender neutrals make these gifts especially personal.

As you think about everything your newborn baby will need in their first year, one very important thing to remember is to be certain they’re comfortable in the clothes you dress them in.

Therefore, consider these tips to help your baby adjust to their new world:

  • Buying or registering for baby shower gifts should include the smallest size to be 3-6 months.  Newborn sizes are often too small and can’t be worn very many weeks.
  • Always wash new baby clothes before putting them on your baby.  Sizing residue and other chemicals from the manufacturer can cause allergies or skin rashes.  Also, buying larger sizes is wise because they often shrink in the dryer.
  • Infants need to adjust to wearing clothing and the fit, fabric and finish are very important in making them comfortable.  Think about your favorite at home outfits.  Aren’t they roomy and soft?  Babies enjoy wearing loose fitting, non-scratchy, easy to be dressed in clothing.  Even tags inside the garments can be annoying to your baby.

As you may be aware, the most popular clothing pieces today are onesies, t-shirts and pajamas with foot covers.  None of these should be confining or too tight.  The more comfortable a baby feels, the less they’ll have something to fuss about.

Click on one of the awesome funny baby onesies for sale below.  Many more are below the images you can pin.  These make parents smile & they can also share a photo and comment on Pinterest.




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