Learn More About Positopia for Artisans

Welcome, to our site . . .

We’re very glad you want to learn about selling your unique products to the huge audience on Pinterest through Positopia.

Our goals are to provide a venue on the web which will give Artisans & Crafters the option to increase their sales and for buyers to locate special gifts for their family members and friends.

Our Pinterest Gift Guides will provide
a range of items for specific interests.  We’ll advertise these guides on Pinterest with a link to each of the items buyers are interested in viewing.  The link will take them to www.positopia.com where the sales can take place.

Pinterest Rich Pins will allow
Pinterest users to see Pinned images of your products complete with price and product description. Pinterest users will be able to click directly on pins and be taken to your product page on Positopia where they can purchase.

We’ve always loved Craft/Art Fairs and often wished we had a way to purchase products we saw at the festivals but didn’t buy at the time.

Hopefully you’ve kept a record of some of your most popular items. These products would be the first ones you’d want to upload and sell on Positopia.

Vendor Application

We’d love for you to join us. Please fill out the form below to apply for a free account. We market your products on Pinterest and sell your handmade items here at Positopia. No listing fees. Pay only a small 15% commission when your product sells (includes 3% for CC fee).

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Vendor Terms of Service

We’re providing you an ecommerce marketplace platform to sell your handmade products.

By hitting the send button you agree to allow us to use your photos, logos and other intellectual property to market your products on Positopia.com and on Pinterest.com

There are no listing fees.

The only fee required is 15% of the product sales price total, (3% of this amount covers the credit card processing fee).

You agree to ship the sold product to the address provided by the purchaser which we’ll provide to you in our email notification.

We will also provide you a login and password to your private back-end account on Positopia.com where you can:

  1. Upload and modify product information (including photos)
  2. Track sales information and receive shipping information
  3. Receive and respond to customer inquiries
  4. Set-up and modify your profile information