Why Onesies are a Great Baby Shower Gift

Why Onesies are a Great Baby Shower Gift-min

A really good way to keep a newborn baby happy is to dress them in easy to wear onesies. There are several styles of “onesies” which help new parents keep their baby comfortable and warm.  Rompers, body suits and full length t-shirts are all your new baby needs to stay relaxed.  After all, clothing is something a newborn has to quickly get used to wearing.

There are probably thousands of funny and cute messages or graphic images available on baby onesies for sale.  Perhaps you know the theme chosen for the new baby’s room and can find several onesies to follow this theme.  Other choices can be linked to parents’ interests such as a favorite sports team or activity they’ll eventually enjoy sharing with their new baby boy or girl.

After the baby has outgrown their onesies, a memorable project could be making a wall hanging like a patchwork quilt by sewing together squares of each onesie design their baby wore in their first year of life.

Other useful baby wear items are rompers with long sleeves and full pant legs for cooler days or when your baby may be going to an air conditioned restaurant with you.  Even body suits work well to keep loose fabric from bunching up in the back whenever baby squirms or gets fussy.

One piece cozy pajamas can take the place of adding a blanket when your little one is sleeping.  These prevent you from worrying if the blanket would get in the way of easy breathing.

Most new parents will appreciate receiving these cute and comfortable items in sizes they can use for awhile.  The newborn 0-3 months size can’t be used very long since babies grow so quickly in their first year of life.  The favored fabric to choose is 100% cotton which often shrinks so gifts of 3-6 months should be selected.

Of course, all these clothing gifts should be washed before the baby wears them.  These tried and true “outfits” can last through several pregnancies if you have a knack for gentle washings.

Here are a few baby gift items to get you thinking:,


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